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    Action BI builds and supports business intelligence solutions that drive decision making

    And we love it!

  • Let data tell the story

    Action BI has a strong reputation for making your data tell a story, for translating the numbers into actionable insights that lead to real world change. A successful proof-of-concept delivered quickly and with visible impact leads to stakeholders who are energised and engaged. Power BI reports quickly become a central focus and a source of new ideas as to where the next quick wins and business change should be delivered.

    Action BI typically delivers business transformation by delivering with three themes:
    • CEO / Board View - high level view of the business performance
    • Operational View - what do the team need to do next to ensure delivery of the leadership team objectives, driving 'Accountability through Visibility'
    • Quality and Governance - a proven data governance pattern to ensure your teams can keep your data correct and up-to-date

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    Who We Are

    We’re reluctant to pigeon hole ourselves as Power BI Experts but truth is, Power BI has been a huge enabler in many of our projects.


    However, it is that wider understanding of what makes a business tick, what the frustrations are, how to pull together data from disparate systems, how to leverage Azure and the Microsoft Data Platform stack - that’s what makes Action BI such an incredible partner to have in your data journey.

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    Data Governance

    We have proven methods to transform the unmanaged chaos of ungoverned data into a process that makes data governance like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’.


    All the data quality issues are gathered into one trusted system that clearly defines the monetary value associated with each piece of ‘bad data’, how it should be fixed and by whom.


    Once a ‘rule’ is defined, then even your future employees will know what to do if that problem ever crops up again.

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    The Extra Mile

    We go the extra mile to help our customers ‘heal’ their data, even where it is spread across multiple systems. In order to build the right solutions for the future it is so critical to get started with what you have.


    Whether that’s cleaning up your customer, employee, asset or project records, getting the data right during those first phases of development will quickly gain the trust of your stakeholders. It will inspire them to get involved, bring their requirements to the table and to earn their buy-in.

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    The Benefits

    One of our customers calls it their ‘Wall of Pain’. That list of manual data quality checks that they needed to carry out every month to ensure that the Excel spreadsheets from three different source systems can be matched up to produce those macros that produce those reports. Sound familiar...?


    This type of governance brings a sense of calm and trust to your internal processes. Those key people in your business (you know who they are) can happily go on holidays knowing that the data governance they helped to define - can happen without them!

  • Our customers say we have

    “a holistic understanding of the nature in which a business operates...”


    “expertise that is both rare and invaluable...”

    “a firm grasp of the intricacies of complex project costing methods have given us a valuable ally in the area of customised on-demand reports...”

    “skills very much on the forefront of the technology and we work closely to take advantage of the latest innovation...”


    “incisive ability to cut to the chase...”

    “always been able to deliver above and beyond what was asked...”


    “ability to build rapport, and to create and manage solutions for complex business issues...”

    “a unique and accessible way of engaging with businesses in their use of data and analytics

  • Our success stories

    Airport Asset Maintenance & Condition Monitoring - Service 4.0

    Siemens Logistics

    Dubai, Hamburg, Heathrow and Paris airport – a number of award winning asset maintenance solutions to transform baggage handling system performance by directing maintenance efforts to those assets that need it most based on smart condition monitoring. Dashboard solutions were created for the specific challenges posed by high speed baggage transfer DCV systems, baggage carousels, hoists, conveyors & sorters. Action BI worked closely with Siemen’s researchers & technologists and maintenance experts.


    Resource Management & Business Performance

    Senversa Pty Ltd

    Senversa is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy with offices across Australia. What started as a strategic review of the aging accounting and ERP systems developed through to selection of a new ERP vendor, detailed planning and assistance during systems migration and now stands as a world-class intelligence platform that empowers their managers to have a real-time understanding of their people, their projects, their customers and their finances.

    Airport Asset Obsolescence & End of Life Planning

    Siemens Logistics / Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL)

    Working with HAL’s Asset Managers and Chief Baggage Engineer to develop a holistic understanding of their existing baggage handing system assets through their Maximo maintenance system, and to develop a prototype system for long term asset obsolescence and end of life planning.

    Practice Management

    Haventrust Ltd

    Delivered trusted, on-time board results when the core practice management systems for multiple regional vet practices moved from on-premise to the cloud.

    Supply, Demand & Sales Modelling

    Energy Utility

    A holistic solution for a truly complex set of global supply, demand and sales process and business planning.



  • Skills & competencies

    Understanding your business, determination, integrity


    Power BI, data visualisation, data governance


    DAX, Power Query M, t-SQL, PowerShell, C#, Azure Functions, Azure Platform, tabular modelling


    Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate), Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams


    Python, machine learning, timeseries databases, text analytics, Google Analytics


    Maximo, Deltek PIMs


    Chart of Accounts, Profit & Loss, staff yield, budgeting, timesheet analysis, HR reporting, aged debts, work in progress (WIP)


    Asset maintenance, asset management & obsolescence and industrial condition monitoring.

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